CONSOLFOOD founder Celestino Ruivo writes at Solar Cooking Wiki:

After my participation in the Solar Cookers and Food Processing International Conference (2006), I became "well contaminated with the virus of solar cooking." Before I did not use solar cookers, I was a little skeptical. During the last year I have tried to disseminate solar cooking, first in my region (at home, schools, restaurants, beaches, media) but also in other regions and in other countries (Brazil and Spain). 

My participation at the Granada conference (2006) was the needed ignition to start. I have started with the solar CooKit that was given to me. Then a lot of experiences were done with different types of solar cookers, most of them of low-cost apparatus using recycled materials. During the solar cooking season 90 percent of my meals are cooked on solar cookers.


There are several Conferences and Webinars with international experts and useful topics on solar cooking and baking.

For example: 7th CONSOLFOOD Webinar: "Baking a solar bread", with great videos!!! 


Documentation of all CONSOLFOOD conferences and webinars: click here